Anglo Cyprus Association of Businesses (ACAB)

Business Direction Events UK Limited was initially established with the aim of bringing Cyprus enterprise to the UK and promoting investment and business opportunities in Cyprus. We organise an annual conference at prestigious hotels where we invite many high profile guests from Cyprus to act as speakers and/or panellists to discuss and debate the benefits of the Cyprus economy and its investment potential in front of a collective of invited attendees.

Due to the great amount of interest, we felt that this idea should be promoted further on an on-going basis and that the many people that showed an interest in this idea should be brought together to voice their opinions and ideas whilst helping to expand the interest of this concept.

We have therefore set up “Anglo Cyprus Association of Businesses” where there will be members from the business world in the United Kingdom as well as from Cyprus where forums will be held with invited guests to cover many areas that would be of interest to the business community.

It is well known that the Cyprus British Chamber of Commerce and Industry was initially incorporated in England in 1993 but effectively ceased to function about 5 years later with little interest from its committee and supporters.

With a dedicated working committee A.C.A.B. intend to promote the interest of its members and their aims to a higher level. with continued energy and vigour. The new association will encourage more business transactions between companies in the United Kingdom and businesses based in Cyprus whilst also providing networking opportunities between all our members in the UK and Cyprus.

 We have put together a number of committed people to form our first committee and to help us to organise this association to the highest possible levels. We hope that you all agree with our objectives and will join us to strengthen our aims.

Non Political Association

We are a non-political organisation and have no political affiliation to any political or municipal movement within the United Kingdom or Cyprus. Though we may discuss, talk to or report features regarding any political or municipal authorities we do not endorse or promote their views.  

We are not sponsored or backed by any political or municipal authorities and depend wholly on sponsorship, memberships and fund raising activities.

A dedicated website has been set up and will include the committee and our aims in more detail, membership opportunities and how to join and the benefits of joining. Please visit